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About Us

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Our Mission

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To cultivate individual excellence through interest-based curricula, and a personalized educational experience for every student. Additionally, we aim to foster the community of Downtown New Milford by utilizing as many area educational resources as possible for our students.


Our Story

EWoW was envisioned and founded by Lockey Coughlin, who also serves as our Program Director.

Learn about how this unique program came about, and why our model for individualized education works so well.

In the News

See our most recent features in the news, publications by our community members, follow us on social media and more!

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See what our parents, students, and alumni have to say about their experience at our program. 

Our Alumni

We are immensely proud of our alumni. These individuals have chosen a variety of different paths after attending EWoW, but they all have one thing in common: they pursue personal goals with zeal and determination.

Among our growing number of alumni are C.E.Os, Ivy League attendees, successful musicians and actors, young filmmakers, environmental activists, and magazine owners.

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Our Staff

EWoW possesses a staff of talented, caring, and passionate teachers. They are the glue that holds our center together. 

Our staff works together to create an integrated, cross-curricular educational experience, help students develop independent study projects, and work with a wide range of skill sets in one classroom.