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Academic Calendar

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High School (HS) Middle School (MS)

o 5 Monday: Labor Day
o 6 Tuesday: Prep Week Begins
o 12 Monday: First Day Classes
o 16 Thursday: Yom Kippur (No Pratt)

o 10 Monday: Long Weekend, No Classes
o 31 Monday: Halloween/Samhain, No Classes

o 1 Tuesday: Holiday/Celtic New Year, No Classes
o 2 Wednesday: No Classes
o 11 Friday: Veteran’s Day, No Classes
o 21 Monday: Thanksgiving Break Begins
o 28 Monday: Classes Resume

o 12 Monday: Final Week of the Semester Begins

               Schedule Adjusted for Final Exams & Presentations
o 15 Thursday: Parent Check-in Meetings, by request
o 16 Friday: Parent Check-in Meetings, by request
o 19 Monday: Winter Break Begins

o 21 Wednesday: Holiday Party & Lock-in

o 3 Tuesday: Classes Resume, J-Term Begins
o 16 Monday: MLK, Jr. B-day, No Classes
o 17 Tuesday: Long Weekend, No Classes

o 1 Wednesday: Imbolc, No Classes
o 2 Thursday: Groundhog Day, No Classes

o 10 Friday: Final Day of J-term
o 13 Mid-Winter Break Begins
o 14 Tuesday: Valentine’s Day, Snow Ball
o 20 Monday: President’s Day
o 21 Tuesday: Classes Resume

o 12 Sunday: Daylight Savings Time
o 17 Friday: St. Patrick’s Day
o 21 Tuesday: Ostara/Equinox, No Classes

o 31 Friday: 5th Friday Field Trip Day, No Classes

o 3 Monday: Spring Break Begins

o 9 Sunday: Easter
o 17 Monday: Classes Resume

o 1 Monday: Beltane, No Classes
o 19 Friday: Last Day of Middle School Classes
o 19 Friday: Last Day of Regular High School Classes
o 26 Friday: Last Day of Special High School Classes
o 27 Saturday: Party at the Maxx
o 28 Sunday: Awards/Graduation/Prom/Art Show/Alumni Party
o 30 Monday: Memorial Day

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