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Our program is designed to accommodate the most common needs that struggling students have. According to the CDC, 64% of children aged 3-17 are currently diagnosed with school-related issues. We truly believe that the mental health of the student must be nurtured before any kind of meaningful learning can take place. Below are accommodations we have available to any students who need them, or even students who are just having a tough day. These accommodations are categorized by some of the most common childhood diagnoses, according to the CDC.

If you do not see the accommodation you need on this list, but still think your child might be a good fit for EWoW, schedule a visit with us, and we may be able to arrange accommodations for your child.

Inattentive ADHD

  • Onsite staff and parent volunteers to remind students if/when they need to be in class

  • Regular homework labs, where teachers work directly with students who are completing homework. They help keep students on-task and answer questions. 

  • 1:1 organizational help from staff members (if requested by student/guardian)

  • Limited access to cell phones and laptops (if requested by a guardian)

  • On site Executive Functioning Coach, classes and private sessions available

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Hyperactive ADHD

  • Ample breaks where students are encouraged to go outside and move around

  • A foosball table and pool table onsite for student use when not in class.

  • Fidget spinners, stress-balls, and doodling are all allowed in classes

  • Short walks are encouraged if a student needs to refocus

  • On site Executive Functioning Coach, classes and private sessions available

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Anxiety and/or Depression

  • Safe spaces with couches that are expected to be quiet for students to sit and regroup if needed

  • Homework labs (as above) where staff can help students through any tasks they find overwhelming

  • An atmosphere of open communication where students are able to express their needs to staff members and receive support if needed

  • Ample opportunities for students to make up missed assignments, or receive extra credit 

  • Opportunities to take Yoga and Self-Care classes

  • A therapist within walking distance of our facility who we can recommend to students/families who need it 

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