Affording EWoW

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Internship, Work, Scholarship Opportunities, and Payment Plans

We love having our parents and students work at Education without Walls.  This is another layer that helps to build a strong, tightly knit and supportive community. 


Working at Education without Walls toward tuition fees is an option that is open to our families, however, these are jobs which require an application, regular hours and a job description.  Parents may choose work that is convenient and appropriate for their skills and schedules.  Jobs will only be given to those who are qualified and who are willing and able to fulfill their duties with a positive, upbeat attitude.  All positions are dependent upon satisfactory completion of the assigned work.  Calling out, showing up late, having to leave early, etc., are indications that a particular job is not the right fit.  In these cases, changes will be necessary and every effort will be made to find a better fit!


Scholarships are need-based, require an application and are worked out individually on a case-by-case basis.  Work hours begin to accrue only after initial parent responsibilities have been fulfilled.


Possible Work Opportunities

Additional Parent on Duty Hours

Heavy Duty Cleaning &/or Painting (weekends)

Facility Photographer/Videographer

Newspaper Leadership

Program Development

Teaching Assistants

Onsite Internships


These opportunities are offered based on both seniority and previous contributions to the group, as a whole.