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Clubs and Events

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Mock Trial Club

Every Monday and Thursday, our Mock Trial Club hone their legal skills as team prosecution or defense.  Students also prepare to play one of the witnesses or to act as defendants.  Our staff mentor is none other than retired attorney Peter Gross.

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Not-For-Profit Creation Club

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Students have built brand-new not-for-profits from the ground up, creating organizations that connect young people from all different parts of the globe on an educational, and creative publication platform. Learn the ins and outs of building a 501(c)3 and help enrich the larger community! 

Staff mentor, Peter Gross.

65 Bridge Magazine
Panda Gazette Newspaper

Our student-run newspaper and magazine include announcements, editorials, opinion pieces, reviews, original written work, poems, artwork, and more. Become a contributor, or work on newspaper assembly and design.  Staff mentors Jenna Roche, Andrea Rios, and Emma Barhydt.


Teen Nights
D&D, Poker, Movies

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Every other Tuesday, students stay after classes to order takeout, play games, see movies, and hang out. Lately, D&D is making a big comeback! 

Staff mentors Lauren English and Ben Moran.


Student Council

Students organize fundraisers, spirit week, lock-ins, dances, parties, and other activities for the student body, working closely with our Parent Organization to ensure funds and appropriate supervision are set up.

Staff mentors Lockey Coughlin & Mary Parascondola

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Peer 2 Peer Counseling

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Our Peer 2 Peer Counseling is a student advocacy program. Students can visit designated peer counselors for advice on anything EWoW-related and receive support from their peers. 

Prom & Event Planning

An off-shoot of our Student Council, these students love planning events down to the smallest detail.  Oh, the decorations!  Mentored by the Parent Organization.

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House Hunt

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Did you know that EWoW has its own houses, much like those at Hogwarts? Get sorted into your house and join a tradition begun by alum, Max Ringer and participate in the yearly house hunt, where shenanigans, mystery, and cunning reign supreme.  Staff Mentors are Shea Coughlin & Lauren English.  Alumni Mentor is Max Ringer.

Rowing, Dance, Skiing, Snowboarding, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Capoeira, Yoga, Workout Club

Our students love their pickup games of basketball, tennis, soccer, and touch football.  Yoga classes meet every week, as do capoeira, and our workout club.  Rowing is offered through GMS Rowing.  If you love to get outside and play, there are plenty of opportunities here at Education without Walls.


Rock Band

Mentored by Joe Burcaw of Bearclaw Academy of Music, this group meets for two hours every Friday to play classics from The Rolling Stones, CCR, The Beatles, and more.

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Start your own!

Want to start a club that is not on this list? Make your own! Find a group of friends to participate and email Lockey to get your club scheduled.