High School Academy College Dual-Credit Program

The High School Academy at Education without Walls offers motivated students the opportunity to earn a college certificate or an Associate Degree in Accounting, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Legal Studies, Management or Marketing, while simultaneously continuing their work on an accredited high school diploma.  More affordable than most community college programs, your child has the opportunity to complete these classes with guided tutoring, counseling, and working with their highly motivated peers!

Here's how it works: Register for CTC 101 - our first session begins June 29th - through EWoW. Students take this class onsite in a safe, socially distant manner with the guidance of an onsite tutor. Once this class is completed, you have earned 3 college credits and you are on your way!  Simply register for more classes through EWoW.

The cost is a fraction of what you would pay to a community college! This is an incredibly affordable and value-packed program. If you are unhappy with your school's handling of online class requirements or are not ready to send your child off to college in these uncertain times, give us a call. We might be just the right fit!

For inquiries, call 860-350-3006 or email Lockey@EducationWW.org

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