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Bridges Program
Middle School into High School
Preparation, Confidence, Support

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A Seamless Transition

Skill-building and preparation are the touch stones for this program, which is designed to support students who will soon be moving into a high school program, ages 12 -14.  We want our learners to enter high school with every advantage possible, setting them up for success both academically and socially.

Academically, our focus is on skill building and preparing students to assume responsibility for their own educations.  Students improve their study skills, have a voice in their class choices, begin to plan ahead, and have an overall opportunity to assess, and then strengthen, areas that need shoring up.

Our program is a mix-and-match of audited high school classes, specialized preparation classes, and classes specially designed for the student's individual interests and curiosity.  Students are invited to attend most high school social functions, clubs, and activities. 


Whether they decide to join us at EWoW for High School, or to attend an area private or public school, they will enter their freshman year with the skills and confidence they need to succeed!

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