Parents comment regularly that their children are actually talking chatting about what they are learning each day - highly unusual for this age group!

Our programs are mix-and-match to offer flexibility, convenience, value, and affordability. Blend for a full 5-day-a-week program, choose just one day with which to supplement your current curriculum, or combine programs to meet your unique educational goals. 


Parents decide how much they would like to be involved, how structured their child's day will be, and how often their children attend classes, clubs, groups, before and after-hours programs, and more.  If that feels like too many choices, we offer guidance based on your individual goals.  See below for all of your options.



Core Program: Three Days Each Week

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays at 65 Bridge St. 9 am - 3 pm on-site

  • Mondays 9 am - 2 pm off-site in our Environmental Science Outdoor Education program, which includes experiential lessons in  biology, entomology, ornithology, social skills, and more are incorporated into each day.  Getting outside is more important than ever!

  • All days are on-site, drop-off.  Masks are required for some classes.

  • Math: We offer highly differentiated math leveling for a completely individualized curriculum.  Student to teacher ratio is currently a maximum of 2:1.

  • Reading & Writing:  This class explores reading and writing, as always, in a totally individualized and supportive environment.  Chromebooks are provided, as needed.  Student to teacher ratio is currently 5:1.

  • Foreign Language: We offer Japanese, Spanish, and Latin for our middle school students.  Current student to teacher ratio is a maximum of 5:1.

  • Cross-curricular work includes a study of geography, science, history, and world cultures.  Currently, our students are focusing on all things Africa.  This class is project-oriented and the students are very excited that they will be adopting a turtle shortly!  Student to teacher ratio is 5:2.

  • Academically, our focus is on the love of learning through exploration and curiosity.  Individualized curricula and attention help students to move as quickly as they prefer, while also learning as deeply as their interest takes them.

  • Executive functioning and social skills are a primary focus for our middle school students, as these skills are required for moving into high school.

Outdoor Education: One Day Each Week

  • Tuesdays at the Year In the Woods Program 9 am - 3 pm

  • Includes experiential lessons on history, biology, entomology, ornithology, social skills, and more are incorporated into each day.  Getting outside is more important than ever!

Private Tutoring and Individualized Curriculum: One Day Each Week

  • Fridays at 65 Bridge Street 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

  • We create an individualized curriculum for students who are looking for more academic and social opportunities.  Current offerings include Cooking, Japanese, Geography, Creative Storytelling, 1:1 Math tutoring, and, of course, time outside!

Optional Programming Before & After Regular Hours

Improv, acting, dance, and additional art classes all offer opportunities for socialization, exploration, skill-building, and mastery.  These are scheduled at downtown New Milford's incredible specialty schools and educational programs, all within walking distance of Education without Walls.


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