The Registration Process

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If you feel this program is a good fit for your family, see our five-step enrollment process below to get the process started!

1) Come into Education without Walls when you are ready to delve a little deeper.  Meet with a staff member, take a quick tour, ask a lot of questions, meet a current student, and walk around New Milford to get a feel for what EWoW is all about.

2) Enjoy your visit?  Make an appointment for a shadow day.  Students are encouraged to sit in on classes during their second visit.

3) Once you have decided that EWoW is the right fit for you, discuss possible classes and schedule requests with a coordinator.  You can request a cost estimate using the forms below.   Scholarships and payment plans are available and will be detailed upon request.

4) Sign up for the member pages of our website and fill out our registration and enrollment forms.

5) Within a few days, you will receive​ a cost estimate including requested payment plans. Pay your initial registration fee and payment and you are registered! 


Look out for emails from Google Workspace detailing your child's new EWoW email address which will give access to their Google calendar, Google classrooms, and other online organizational tools.