These are a huge piece of the puzzle that makes Education without Walls and downtown New Milford so special.  So many offerings; such close proximity.


Robotics & Beyond


Unique programs for those kids that love to tinker, build and play with legos, computer games, computer software, videography, stop-motion animation and more!  We have the luxury of having Robotics & Beyond one block away.  Robotics & Beyond boasts computers, of course, but also Lego NXT technology, a 3-D printer, and so much more.   Robotics & Beyond is a unique and inspiring specialty school.

Village Center for the Arts (VCA)


The Visual Arts programs that students here at Education without Walls are able to choose from are truly phenomenal! Foundational art instruction, art history, video editing, cartooning, 3-D design, architecture, and portfolio consultations are all offered.  The Village Center for the Arts has a dedicated Pottery studio and a fun, relaxed environment.



There are a myriad of options for studying music here in downtown New Milford.  Education without Walls offers classes in Music Theory and lessons in string instruments.  Bearclaw's Academy of  Music offers lessons in strings, piano and drums.  FineLine Theatre Arts offers classes in Vocal Performance and Musical Theater, as well as private vocal and piano lessons. 


Autumn Shows

FineLine's Legit Play

JJ McCarthy Observatory


The J.J. McCarthy Observatory prides itself on being the most accessible observatory in the world.  Their all-volunteer staff offers classes on request covering anything and everything having to do with astronomy. One of our favorite places to visit!  They also offer adult education classes, which are open to homeschooled students.  Many of our students volunteer and take classes at the observatory.



Ballet, Pilates, Acrobatics, Choreography, Tap, Jazz, & Hip Hop:

(photos are of FineLine Theatre Arts students)

FineLine Theatre Arts

Studio D


Ah Yoga



GMS Rowing


Outdoor Education:

(photos are of Great Hollow Wilderness School students)

The Pratt Center

FineLine Theatre Arts (FLTA)

(photos are of FineLine Theatre Arts students)


Acting 1, Acting 2, Scenes & Monologues, The Legit Play, Musical Theater, Musical Theory, and Improv are all extrememly popular classes here in New Milford.  Offerings are available here at Education without Walls and at FineLine Theatre Arts, right across the street.