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Hi Lockey,


              It’s been a while! I’m just gonna apologize for all the mushiness in advance. I wanted to let you know how much fun I’m having here, at Sarah Lawrence! I’m loving all of my classes so far and my professors are all incredible! I think I got really lucky! I am absolutely adoring my time here and I wanted to thank you!


              I never imagined myself in a place I felt so in control and comfortable. I don’t think I would’ve found it without your help. EWoW was the most comfortable I ever felt in a s̶c̶h̶o̶o̶l̶ learning environment and I’ve been to a lot. My time at EWoW helped shape me into the person I am and you were a huge part of that! I came into college feeling more prepared than I have ever been.


             Now, I have met a great group of friends here and I’m beginning to settle into this new stage of my life. Thanks to you, the students, staff, and PODs (can’t forget the amazing parents that help out) EWoW will always hold a special place in my heart! Can’t wait to visit on my break! Love you Lockey!

Virginia Steen, G '22

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"As a parent, I love the independence and freedom the kids are given – to be, learn, and go where they want."  

'My daughter needed a break from the stress and pressure of her boarding school and we stumbled upon EWoW.  We’ve learned that kids thrive in all different environments and the small, relaxed, and supportive community that is EWoW is the perfect fit for her.  As a parent, I love the independence and freedom the kids are given – to be, learn, and go where they want.'

Peter Houldin

Father of Mary, G '21

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"Aiden has grown so much over this past year, and it has been such a positive experience for all of us."  

" ... this is exactly what makes EWoW tick ... the underlying mission to create an environment where each child is educated in the individual way in which they best learn.  Aiden has grown so much over this past year, and it has been such a positive experience for all of us. "


Cathy Behuniak

Mother of Aiden

Middle School Student

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"For my homeschooler it has not just been a place to learn and challenge himself but a social environment to explore and thrive in."

"E.W.W. has been a fantastically nurturing environment for my son both as a homeschooler and as a maturing adolescent.  And the heart and soul of E.W.W. is it's founder, Lockey Coughlin.

It is what it is because of her fierce dedication to seeking out innovative and challenging professional instructors, to offering offbeat as well as traditional academic courses, and to providing each individual student who crosses her threshold, whether for one hour or for a full week, a safe and welcoming place.  She is a protective and supportive adult, and through her encouragement, the youngsters learn to bond and support each other.  


For my homeschooler it has not just been a place to learn and challenge himself but a social environment to explore and thrive in.  Viva la EWoW!"

Love, Barbara Ringer

Mother of Max, G '18

EWoW Board Member

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"The last almost 18 months taught us to be grateful for what we have and what we are all going to miss [after graduation], like the trips to All Aboard, house hunts, games of pool, foosball, tennis, and football, smoothie runs, passing notes during Lockey’s class, getting my butt whooped in chess against Parker, lock-ins, game nights, short-lived film class, stressing over Post U classes and, of course, Finn the Dog.

I came to EWoW two years ago.  Obviously, the decision, like everyone else who comes here, was carefully thought over.  I spent a great deal of time thinking over what I might be missing out on by going to EWoW.  Everything I just listed is what I did not miss out on and what I am so glad that I got to experience with you."

Chris Carrara, G '21

Senior Address Excerpt

"I don't think anyone has had a greater impact on my education than you [Lockey]. If it wasn't for you and EWoW, I might not have ever been given the support I needed that would lead to me even applying to college in the first place. You have been the single most influential person in my academic growth and my college application should have your voice included in it. "

Jackie Steiger

Graduated High School Student

Written 2019

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"Just wanted to let you know Collin came home really excited about algebra and did his homework right away. For the first time in a while, he came home in a good mood, too."

"Amazing learning environment with individualized learning experiences. Has caring, compassionate, and highly educated teachers."


Michelle Dahl

Mother of Collin

Middle School Program Graduate

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Two of our children have attended EWoW --our son for four years, our daughter two. To call EWoW a lifesaver is an understatement. Both children have entirely different personalities, interests, and learning propensities and therefore different educational needs. Our son might be described as cerebral, his interests range from international politics to the human immune system, our daughter is a creative hands-on doer, an entrepreneur who opened an online store that sells self-designed, hand-sewn items. Two entirely different students and yet the disparate needs of both were nurtured at EWoW and their personalities, self-confidence and curiosity about the world blossomed as a result.


We came to EWoW originally because neither child fit into the traditional public schools they had attended. We decided to homeschool them but we live in a rural area and were worried about social isolation. We also considered sending them to the private schools in the area but realized that the problems that we encountered in public school would likely continue there too. Our children needed greater freedom to choose classes that interested them, more hands-on guidance and enthusiastic, well qualified teachers. They also need the small seminar style classroom where students are allowed to participate with the teacher and with each other on an equal basis. Just as importantly, they needed a supportive social life of like-minded, creative students.They got it all at EWoW Needless to say we're extremely grateful to the Coughlins for this innovative answer to our children's and so many other children's educational needs! We know from many other parents that this has been their experience too.


Our son it should be noted applied to a number of competitive colleges this year and was accepted all of them. "

Brooke Stevens

Father of Fenner G '17 & Maddy G '19

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"The cool thing about Education without Walls is that you can totally tailor it to your kid’s needs and they can really make it their own, creating a lot of independence."

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Our family is having a great experience at Education Without Walls. The teachers and administration are all exceptional! Our daughter who has always been a bit shy has really blossomed since starting at E.W.W.! We appreciate all of the staff, the look and feel of the new building and the many opportunities E.W.W. has given to our daughter!


Elissa Cherico

Mother of Abi, G '21

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"Education without Walls was the perfect solution for our daughter when she announced she wanted to homeschool in the middle of 7th grade and we had no idea what to do.  A friend suggested we visit E.W.W. and Ally found exactly what she needed there.


Everyone was very welcoming and supportive; the teachers went the extra mile to help Ally when she needed it.  Lockey is incredibly knowledgeable and an excellent resource for all things homeschooling. Lockey also went above and beyond to assist our process.

The cool thing about E.W.W. is that you can totally tailor it to your kid’s needs and they can really make it their own, creating a lot of independence.  Ally was able to achieve her goals at E.W.W. with lots of individual attention, eventually getting an official transcript for all her coursework there and applying all of it to the next part of her education.


E.W.W. gave Ally the confidence she needed to succeed in other challenging academic environments.  We are so grateful for E.W.W.’s support, recommend it often to friends, and still love to return and visit from time to time."


Cathy Whelehan

Mother of Ally, Bridges Graduate

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"I began taking classes at Education without Walls five years ago, when the program was running only one day per week. My dream was to attend college for musical theater. 


Education without Walls' flexible program allowed me to complete high school in addition to twenty hours of theater arts training per week. 

Now, five years later, I am working towards a B.F.A. in Musical Theater on a full academic scholarship at one of my top choice schools; all thanks to the support and guidance I received from the whole family at Education without Walls. "

Shea Coughlin

High School Graduate

EWoW Staff Member