High School and Middle School Classes

COVID-19 Response

1) Classes will resume on March 30th whether online or in person.  Which one depends on many factors, of course, but right now, it is looking like it will be online, with a few opportunities for in-person work, as needed.  More details to follow as I complete check-ins with our staff and parents.  A few oft-asked questions ...

  • Will we be following the regular schedule?  Yes, we would like to stick with our regularly scheduled classes online.

  • Will VCA classes or Pratt classes be running?  Not at this time.

  • Which platform will we be using?  We are already set up to use Google Classroom, Google Meets/Hangouts and Google Calendar.  We will continue using those platforms, as everyone is familiar with them.  If you feel unsure about how to use them, there are tons of online tutorials!

  • *Note: If we have difficulties with video quality, we will check out Zoom, of course, but I would like to stay with the easiest, most familiar software for now.


2) Diane Dioguardi, our certified play therapist, dog therapist, and general guru, is available to do sessions online, as needed.  Note that for students under 18, parents need to be present for the first meeting.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this while her schedule and yours are open.  Her email is dianedioguardi@gmail.com.


3) Resources:

Fun, for the whole family virtual classes: Masterclass at Masterclass.com is a terrific resource and comes in 15 to 20-minute chunks.  My favorites are Neil DeGrasse Tyson (of course), Annie Leibovitz, Dorris Kearns Goodwin, and Judy Bloom! 


Of course, I love The Great Courses, but that is a little dry for most kids.  Adults, though, you might really like these!

Great documentary series:

  • One Strange Rock (series)

  • Rise of the Continents (series)

  • How the Earth Changed History (series)

  • Africa w/ David Attenborough (series)

Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions or concerns, always.  I miss you all so much!!


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