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Why Education without Walls?

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At Education without Walls, we believe that students succeed academically when they are in an environment that is relaxed and welcoming. We strive to provide a safe space where their personal interests and curiosity, intersect with a standard curriculum to make for an education that is both engaging and individualized.


Building A Transcript

Whether you want to graduate in three years or take a PG year to perfect your college applications, we are here to help you achieve your goals every step of the way. We work closely with each student to organize transfer credits, ensure they are on track to graduate at their preferred time, and recommend courses that will assist them in getting into the post-secondary programs of their choice.

In the box to the right is a list of the credit requirements for our High School graduates. These are the minimum requirements, but many students choose to go beyond the minimum and take extra courses in their topics of interest!

We offer a wide range of classes in each subject so each student can find the courses that interest them. However, they can also receive High School credit by taking courses at one of several area specialty schools in the greater New Milford area.

High School Credit Requirements

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Language Arts: 4 credits

Social Sciences: 4.5

(US History & Civics Required)

Science: 4 Credits

Mathematics: 3 Credits

Foreign Language: 3 credits

Health and Saftey: 2 Credits

Fine Arts: 1 Credit

Electives: 4 Credits

Academic Calendar

Our 2021-2022 academic calendar can be found here. Find important start dates, events, holidays, field days, and more.

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Our Alumni

Though we are a relatively new program, we are immensely proud of our alumni. These individuals have chosen a variety of different paths after attending EWoW, but they all have one thing in common: they pursue their own personal goals with zeal and determination.

Among our growing number of alumni are C.E.O's, Ivy League attendees, successful musicians and actors, young filmmakers, environmental activists, magazine editors, and more.

Our Staff

EWoW possesses a staff of talented, caring, and passionate teachers. They are the glue that holds our center together. 

Our staff works together to create an integrated, cross-curricular educational experience, help students develop independent study projects, and work with a wide range of skill sets in one classroom.