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At Education without Walls, we pride ourselves on our tight-knit student body. We offer a myriad of activities as well as student and staff-run extracurriculars. Explore this page to find out what a typical day in the life of an EWoW student looks like.


Tatum: 11th Grade Lookback

Tatum is a junior with a passion for social justice, constitutional law, and the arts. She is currently part of a selective vocal performance fellowship at the Bushnell Theater in Hartford, part of our work-study program, and she is the first student to have received our First in School award as an underclassman.

The EWoW Experience with Brooke - 10th Grade

Brooke is a sophomore at Education without Walls. In her spare time, she volunteers at the Gunn Memorial Library, hikes with her family, helps her mom out with herbal preparations and creates her own original works of art.  Brooke is a standout student in science and art and was the recipient of the Sophomore first in class award.

The EWoW Experience with Broghan - 11th Grade

Broghan is a junior who has been attending EWoW since he was 9 years old, tagging along with his older sister, Bri. Last year, Broghan received the Sophomore First in Class Award (voted on by the entire staff).  He is currently enrolled in our High School Academy program, and on track to graduate with 30 college credits.

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