A Week in the Life

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Tatum- 9th Grade

Tatum is a freshman with a passion for social justice, musical theater, and the arts. In her spare time, she designs and creates clothing for herself and her burgeoning business, Up-cyclops.  She is also a member of a local performing arts company where she acts, choreographs, makes costumes, and graces the stage with her beautiful vocal stylings!

Tatum is a kind, intelligent, and talented young woman, who was the winner of our student thoughtfulness award in December.  She is also a member of EWoW House Legendaw.  We are so grateful that she chooses to spend her time with us! 

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Brooke - 10th Grade

Brooke is a sophomore at Education without Walls. In her spare time, she volunteers at the Gunn Memorial Library, hikes with her family, helps her mom out with herbal preparations, and creates her own original works of art.  Brooke is a standout student in science and art, but she also rocks the social sciences. On top of all that, she is a truly beautiful piano player.

Brooke is a member of EWoW House Snowpex and was a November winner of our student thoughtfulness award.  Thank you Brooke, for your fantastic contributions to our community.  

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Broghan - 11th Grade

Broghan is a junior who has been attending EWoW since he was 9 years old, tagging along with his big sister, Bri. Last year, Broghan was the recipient of the Spanish Award, the Entomology Award, a Drawing Award, and the Sophomore First in Class Award (voted on by the entire staff).  He is currently enrolled in our High School Academy program, on track to graduate with 30 college credits.

Broghan is a member of EWoW House Pandor, acting as the House Captain last year.  He also is a Peer-2-Peer volunteer, giving his time to support his peers as needed.  In his spare time, Broghan plays pre-professional hockey, loves to play pick up basketball, and sports, in general.   He is an icon here at EWoW and we are glad that we get to have him with us again in the fall!

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The OG Video

We have moved to a much larger space on the other side of the New Milford Green, but the vibe remains the same in
 this video made by Alum Max Ringer in 2017.

In this video, you will catch glimpses of the House Hunt in action, as well as current board members Max Ringer, Fenner Stevens, and Shea Coughlin, Broghan's older sister, Bri, and other iconic early EWoW members.